Some of the Best U.S. Camping Destinations to Visit

The people of USA are avid lovers of camping, the reason because the USA has numerous places for camping. The best US camping destinationsare fascinating, pleasurable, and inspirational. Camping is basically getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life amidst nature and its beauty. There are various amazing places to see in the US and to enjoy the camping you need not go very far. The attractiveness and the overwhelming panorama adjoining you can without difficulty be accessed by a camping trip.

US camping destinationsSome of the best US camping destinations

  • The Grand Canyon National Park – One of the most gorgeous and striking beauties in the US in the Grand Canyon. It is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is one of the places that should not be missed. The Kaibab National Forest, the Hualapai Reservation and the Skywalk along with the Havasupai Waterfalls are a get through experience. You can also choose between a number of campgrounds in the Grand Canyon.
  • The Yosemite National Park – The Yosemite National Park has numerous campgrounds to choose from within the boundaries of the national park. There are thirteen camping grounds out of which seven of them are reserved and the rest are given to customers on a first come first serve basis. There are various kinds of activities in the park such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, horseback riding along with bird watching and fishing.
  • Guadalupe River State Park – If you are of the adventurous nature, or you like canoeing, water rafting, or outdoor activities like swimming, bike riding, fishing or hiking the Guadalupe River State Park is the perfect camping destination for you. Along with that the natural beauty is breathtaking. The river park is just by the coast of the river lined with stylish cypress trees. It has an exclusive touch along with beauty and grace.
  • Fontainebleau State Park – This park which is in Mandeville, Louisiana is the ideal camping spot for camping lovers. The camping spot will offer you exquisite sceneries and panoramic views. The camping areas that surround the state park are the renowned Pearl River Wildlife Park, St Bernard State Park and the Bayou Segnette State Park.
  • Colorado – When you travel through Colorado in the US you will definitely come across mountains, forests, lakes and ponds and also sand dunes. The breathtaking views of the rugged and rough mountains are ideal for camping sites. There are four national parks and 42 state parks in Colorado which include the renowned Rocky National Park.
  • Montana – Montana is a great place for bird watching and river rafting. It is also a great place for summer activities. Montana consists of two national parks and 51 state parks. It is also known as the paradise for hunters.

Do not miss the breathtaking views of the US state national parks on your way to USA.

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