Come and Enjoy the Various Canadian Camping Destinations

Canada is well known for its rough terrains and gorgeous hiking trails. There are various Canadian camping destinationswhich a hiker would like to visit and revisit as many times possible because of its wilderness and natural beauty. The western coast of Canada offers some of the most stupendous hikes that are gorgeous, exclusive, and demanding. The green coastal areas offer hikes which have a rough terrain, breathtaking views, travelling in the wild, exceptional ecosystems as well as beach camping.

Canadian camping destinations

There are many destinations in Canada where you can hike and especially the western part is great for hiking and camping activities. People can choose from varied regions such as rainforests, to mountains, deserts to tundra’s and the list is endless. There are also number of ecosystems and different kinds of terrains. The southwest and the northern coasts are thinly inhabited in the Vancouver Island in Canada. However there are places which have been opened because of travelers. In Canada, there are five main places where people can actually enjoy the delight of hiking and camping. They are:

  • Nootka Islands
  • The West Coast Trail
  • The North Coast Trail
  • The Hesquiat Peninsula
  •  The Juan de Fuca Trail

The west coast trail is a rugged trail which has been made for the survival of visitors who have been shipwrecked. It is a rocky and terrain island which is very challenging to hike on and comprises of some of the most awesome breathtaking views.

Along with hiking, there are various Canadian camping destinations. The Canadian Rockies are also one of the best places for camping. It is well known as a paradise for campers with an assortment of weather conditions. So it is necessary that you are equipped with the right kind of camping gear and medicines while you are camping. Central Canada and the western coast are the preferred places for campers. Some of the most liked and preferred places for camping are Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper.

The best season ranges from month of May to September. Since the weather is very unpredictable it is important that you have with you all kinds of protection gear necessary for unpredictable weather. The basic necessities for campers in this area are waterproof tents and waterproof wear.

So, this summer you can visit the Canadian Rockies for camping. It will be one of the most unforgettable experiences. Only the southern portion of Canada has a hostile northern climate and therefore the majority of people love to live there. This portion of Canada has lush green scenery and forests due to adequate rain in the area. Moreover, there are warm Pacific air currents from the west that adds to its environment.

There are other various Canadian camping destinations too and the Rocky Mountains that start after these forests have high plateaus and rugged mountains that would lure any camper. You would discover wheat fields when you enter into Canada towards east. But moving further towards east, the Arctic and Atlantic cold make the conditions very harsh.

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