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Different Types of Camping Power Supplies

Even though the main purpose behind a camping trip is to enjoy the beauty and serenity outdoors, in order to make a few things run, camping power supplies are essential. The power supplies come in the form of batteries, generators and even portable solar panels.

1. Deep Cycle Batteries

These batteries are specifically designed to offer power to devices for long periods of time. The best part about these batteries is that they can be repeatedly drained and recharged without causing any damage to the battery. The life span of most batteries depends on number of recharges. The Deep Cycle batteries are capable of offering up to 500 to 1000 recharges.

2. Battery Chargers

Quality batteries like Deep Cycle batteries can prove to be quite expensive and in order to get the most out of such batteries, battery chargers prove quite handy. Battery chargers form an integral part of camping power supplies as they keep the battery charged without any risk of overcharging. Smart chargers are the best option for campers as not only they boost up the battery power rapidly but after reaching a threshold point, they reduce the charge to keep the battery safe from damage.

3. Power Inverters

Power inverters are the best option for camping at places where electricity supply is not available. Stereo, fan and television are some of the devices which can easily run on inverter power supply. However, while using inverters it is vital to note that these devices draw power from the batteries and levels of the battery should be monitored carefully. It is always advisable to keep a separate battery in case of emergency.

4. Jump Start Kits

These are portable auxiliary vehicles used for the purpose of jump starting flat batteries of vehicles. Twelve bolt appliances can be powered through these devices including lighting and airbed pumps. Jump Start Kits are accompanied by small batteries and generally do not run as long as deep cycle batteries.

5. Generators

Generators are the preferred choice of most campers when it comes to these supplies. These devices are measured in terms of watts and needs to be selected depending on the device to be run. For an average sized campsite, a one thousand watt generator proves more than sufficient and can easily power devices like laptops, TV and lights. For larger campsites, 1600 watt to 2000 watt generators works just fine.

6. Solar Panels

Solar panels are available in different power output capabilities and sizes. These panels can be utilized for keeping the battery charged up when it is not in use. Those who wish to run accessories require solar panels of larger size. This is ideal for a location where there is no source of power connectivity in the nearby areas.

Camping is certainly a fulfilled activity, however there is every possibility that an unwanted incident might arise. Therefore, equipping oneself with the right kind of camping supplies would help them stay protected and secured.

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