Solar spotlight

Go Camping with Solar Camping Equipment

The solar camping equipment is the choice of those campers who not only love to travel light but also ensure that the trip is free of hassle. The solar powered gear that the campers now have has not just made the experience easier but has also made it eco-friendly.

Solar spotlight

While spots lights are mandatory for camping expeditions, it is also true that they consume a lot of energy and an even greater amount of money. The solar powered spotlights are fitted with lithium batteries and these just need to be exposed to the sun so that they can charge themselves up. Roof Worx explains that the solar spotlights have solar panels, much like ones you place on your roof, placed internally and thus do not require electric charging of the batteries.

Solar powered lighter

The solar lighter is also a survival tool. These lighters either capture the sun’s rays or converge them to a point so as to produce a great amount of heat. The lighter forms a part of the survival kit while also facilitating cooking on the other hand. Moreover these lighters work faster than the traditional lighters.

Solar powered cooker

Cooking can be a concern when going out on a camping trip. The most worrying part is carrying the fuel and oven. The solar cookers are sleek and light. These cookers are provided with solar panels so that they absorb the solar energy when exposed to the sun. The solar cookers save the cost of batteries, are easy to carry, and are fast enough compared to traditional cookers.

Solar powered lantern

The solar lantern is one of those solar camping equipment which do away with the need for fuel and thus are a money saver option. These lanterns are fitted with solar panels and when charged completely, they serve for hours together. The lanterns are provided with LED lamps that are also energy efficient and last longer than the traditional bulbs and lamps.

Solar battery charger

The camper can also take along the solar battery charger. This device recharges batteries and is therefore a convenient option when taken on the go. The solar battery chargers are provided with covers for storage facilities. The device is fitted with amorphous solar panels that can capably charge even in bleak daylight condition.

Solar water purifier

Water purifier is an essential item for camping trips. This solar camping equipment, the solar water purifier, uses sun’s energy in purifying water. It is faster and more efficient than the battery operated water purifiers. They are provided with indicators to convey the appropriate time when the water can be safely drunk. The purifiers are available in battery operated form and can take a couple or more of days to be completely recharged.

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