Going Camping with Your Family

Tennis rackets, Tent, Waterproofs, and walking shoes. However much I like camping, activity holidays and the great outdoors, there is little I dislike more than being cramped up on a long car journey with the previously listed items poking or crushing me. It was at a very low point on a family holiday to the Lake District three years ago that I decided I had had enough of this traditional car contortion act. The moment was the catalyst for my decision to look into purchasing a trailer for the comfort of the whole family.

When push came to shove, I decided to go for the Daxara 107. It is advertised as a camping utility trailer which seemed to match my needs perfectly. With this being my very first trailer, there were a number of things that I considered before I went ahead and purchased it. I have decided to list my thought process below, just in case it can be of any help to you.


1. How much stuff am I going to need to carry?

Although I was tempted by the larger Daxara 127 I worked out that, in balance, the Daxara 107 was more than adequate for our camping needs. We are able to get all the camping and recreation equipment we would ever need for a short camping trip.

2. How comfortable am I with pulling a trailer?

This is a personal thing but as it was my first trailer I decided to go for a smaller trailer. It has really worked for me. The trailer is very easy to manoeuvre and a perfect addition to our camping trips.

When I purchased my trailer I also decided to get a cover to protect and conceal the contents of the trailer whilst we were travelling. It was an inexpensive option and it has given me extra peace of mind that our holiday won’t be ruined by the weather!

The accessories as well as the trailer are all available from Indespension. As trailer experts they are able to give you the very best advice on what trailers will best suit your needs.

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