Repair Camping Equipment

How to Make and Repair Camping Equipment?

It is very important to know, how to make and repair camping equipment. It forms an important part of all knowledge required about camping before heading for the adventure. Camping often puts the camper facing harsher and inconvenient situations than normal such as damage of the camping gear. Having a basic idea about fixing damages can be useful for the campers.

Repairing a damaged tent

Even the slightest of tears on the camping tent can take worse shape and thus it is better if not neglected. Making and repairing a tent is not too heavy a task. It is easy even when on the trail. It is important to carry the mending or repairing materials in order to keep up the security of the tent. All that is needed for the repair work include a pair of scissors, sewing awl, grommet setter, and straight pins. The damaged areas on the tent should be covered with repair tape.

A nylon repair tape is needed for nylon tent and taffeta repair tape for canvas tent. Patches should be applied on both faces of the tear while smoothing the tape’s edges. This will prevent leaks and snags. The edges and corners of the patch should be sealed with sealer on both the faces of the tear. For opened seams, nylon threads can be used to sew them back.

Making a tarp

Making and repairing camping equipment such as a carp requires just primary knowledge. People who are usual campers or are with children would naturally know what use the tarp comes. Building a tarp is quite easy and can prove useful in a number of ways. The finished size of a tarp is usually ten square feet. The material should cut into two equal sections and all the edges and corners of the cut-outs should be sealed. One cut-out is placed over the other with coated sides together.

Both the materials should be sewn together lengthwise such that they open up to make a large sheet. The seam allowances should be held together and folded under lengthwise and again folded in direction to flat felled seam which forms the inner side of the tarp. Make an inch hem on inner side by turning the edges. The grommets are put along the edges. Finally apply seam sealer and seal all the joints.

Resoling hiking boots

It is important to remove the worn out sole before placing a new sole. Good quality threads or nylon threads should be taken for shoes if the soles are sewn. Good quality glue should be also taken for shoes the soles of which are glued. For sewing the soles the first thing needed is to place the soul at the right place with the help of nails and pins. The nails should be put in a manner such that the shoe doesn’t get damaged.

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