Tent and Bedding

The Essential Family Camping Equipment List

It is an obvious delight to go out on camping with your family. And this certainly increases the number of camping supplies that should be taken along. This requires you to be careful and crosscheck the essential family camping equipment list before setting out for camping.

1. Tent and Bedding

When going out on family camps, it is better to take two large sized tents along with tent stakes, which can be taken in extra numbers quite harmlessly. A stake puller and a hammer should also be taken. Oilcloths or tarpaulins can be taken that should be a little larger than the floor of the tent so as to cover the tent-floor.  This restricts dust and mud from accumulating. It is recommendable to take along a small broom with a small mat so as to keep the tent tidy and clean. Camp pads and air mattresses can be packed in as well. Moreover, blankets should always make their way into the camping bags.

2. Clothes

Clothes would undoubtedly get under the essential family camping equipment list and the clothes that should be taken must be suitable for the location, weather, and the kind of camping activities to be involved in. Clothes should not be carried in large number as they would only add to the luggage. Three sets of clothes are not bad. A sweatshirt, a jacket, and a raingear should be taken along for each member. When going for hiking, one would require long pants, hiking shoes, and socks. Whereas, when you are at the beachmake sure you carry your swimsuit. In case of a long camping trip it would be convenient to get laundry services, if the services are delivered in the location.

3. Personal items

A camping trip is far away from a fashion parade, but personal hygiene is a must thing. The needs and requirements would certainly depend on the kind of location and the camping activities in which the campers are involved, but there are some very basic and common needs that should be addressed. Such indispensable items as soap, deodorants, dental and hair care products, should be packed in a waterproof bags. The items would remain dry and would be much easier to be carried.

4. Additional camping gear

Objects like camera, an axe, coffee pot, campfire utensils, compass, eating utensils, cooking utensils, first aid kit, cooler, folding chairs, flashlights, etc., should as well go under the essential family camping equipment list. Wood for campfire and water containers should not be forgotten either. Wood is especially important because a campfire serves a dual purpose. First, it keeps the campers warm if there is chill in the wind during the night. Second, it prevents the insects and bugs from coming near.

The essential family camping equipment list should contain all the objects that should make the camping experience a delight. It ideally makes your camping experience much joyful and easier.

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