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10 Best Camping Products to Acquire for a Great Camping Experience

Camping is enjoyable, but only when campers are adequately equipped for the adventure. Out in the open, it does not take much for adventure to become a horror. Knowing the best camping products to acquire helps in ensuring that a camper has all the things required to make the camping easier and a pleasure.

1. Black Diamond

LED lights from Black Diamond are obviously safer during camping than lanterns. Their size is equivalent to a regular tin can. Four rechargeable AA batteries can power the LED lantern for 60 hours when fully charged.

2. Care Plus Bugsox Adventure

Bamboo cotton and insect resistant constituents of Bugsox Adventure repel insects. It is completely safe to be worn and functions up to 50 washes. Sound sleep at night is a must after an enjoyable camping day.

3. Coleman F1 Lite Lantern

It is a minimalist stove that weighs only 77g and can be attached directly on to a butane or propane container. It has the capacity to boil 1 litre water in 3 minutes under calm wind. It is available with a carrier pouch that weighs 11g.

4. Leatherman Freestyle

A conjugation of five tools that Leatherman Freestyle is, has to be with every camper. Needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, hardwire cutters and 420 combo HC knife incorporated together weigh only 128g and measure 8.7 cm when folded.

5. Lifesystems

There are more than enough reasons to include first aid kit in the list of important camping gears. From painkillers to plasters, there are forty first-aid items that weigh altogether 300g in this first-aid kit.

6. Mountainsmith Lariat 65

It is an eco-sensitive trekking back pack that is made out of twenty three recycled plastic bottles. It has all the features of a trekking back pack such as loops, pockets, water pouch, detachable day pack, etc.

7. Oregon Scientific

Mobile connectivity is hardly reliable at remote campsites and getting lost from the group cannot be ruled out either. So, Oregon Scientific walkie-talkies for every person in the group are among the best camping products to stay connected through the satellite.

8. Primus Commuter Mug

This mug is made of tough and double-walled polycarbonate that does not get damaged easily. Primus Commuter mugs feature easily sealable lids and are the recommended camping products to contain tea and other caffeine sources. Campers can keep these mugs to ensure continuous supply of fuel for themselves.

9. Tentipi Onyx 5

The numerical five denotes the capacity of this Nordic tent, which can fit five people inside it. With weight of 7.5 kg, it is definitely light but with just three minutes required for its installation, it is certainly easy to set up.

10. Trekmates Firestarter

Fire has been one of the most important components for survival ever since its discovery. Campers know the importance of fire and thus are aware of the importance of Trekmates firestarter.

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