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10 Must Haves on a Family Camping Trip

Going on camping with family is different from the camping trips with friends. With friends one can remain casual but with family the comfort of all family members, especially kids, should be taken into consideration. The 10 must haves on a family camping trip are as follows.

1. Snacks

Snacks like dried fruits or cheese strings should be carried in huge quantity so that one can munch on to them whenever they feel like. Carrying snacks that are good in taste and also have good nutrition levels are always good to have on a camping trip. People should not confuse snacks with junk foods and they should go for trail mix, granola bars, bread, and nuts. Along with snacks one can never forget water but with water other drinks or fruit juice can be carried.

2. Comfort food

It is good to have comfort food as this can prove to be very helpful in handling the kids. Though it might look contradictory to the healthy foods discussed above, in the list of 10 must haves on a family camping trip comfort foods like chocolate, etc. can be very useful. These foods are very effective while keeping the children occupied and calm.

3. Music

One cannot expect to have dead silence on any camping trip and the best way to keep the spirits high one should carry their favorite music gadgets and a good collection of songs. People should also try to carry mini stereo for the trip.

4. Camera

Carrying a camera on a family camping trip is essential and it is one of the 10 must haves on a family camping trip. It helps in capturing the memories forever.

5. Swim Wear

Carrying a swimming gear is always helpful in camping trips. Though people might say that there is no water body around but some places might through up a surprise and it is good to carry adequate swimming wear.

6. Hiking Gear

It is obvious that in a camping trip people have to walk few distance and one must have proper hiking shoes for that. Having walking sticks and thick socks along with sensible clothing is always a better option. The clothing must be bulky and adults should take strong backpack.

7. Games

In a family camping trip carrying games is always a good option. One of the most favored games for camping trips is the card game. It is very easy to carry and people of different age groups can play them. During the trip it can also act as a great stress buster.

8. Books

Carrying a combination of new and old books is a good downtime activity. These can be carried in form of e-books as well as paper backs. For children scary books should be avoided.

9. Carry Something Familiar

People should carry things that they are familiar with, especially the ones who are going on trips for the first time. It can be anything from a toy to a pillow.

10. Flash Lights

These lights are the best for the night time. One should not rely on moonlight or just on the car’s headlight.

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