Essential Camping Gadgets

Essential Camping Gadgets to Carry

Camping veterans are aware of the various essential camping gadgets to carry for a hassle-free camping experience. If you are planning your first ever camping trip, then you should extensively read about the camping gadgets that are essential to carry for a camping trip to avoid some rather forgettable memories during the stay.

It is always a good idea to plan in advance for good planning keeps you safe and secure in the woods, especially if you have chosen to stay in tents rather than in motorhomes or camper-vans. Here is a list of some of the camping gadgets that you should always carry with you when you are headed into the woods.

Camping furniture like stove racks, folding tables, stools or chairs, portable wash stations, camp kitchen, sleeping bags, air mattress or roll-a-cot, camping umbrella and hammocks should be bought first.

Apart from the main tent, you can always pack a privacy tent which can be used as a shower room, changing room or simply as an outhouse.

Camping toilets like waste carriers and portable toilets should also be carried. For storing water, you can carry portable water containers. Camping apparel is also essential. Depending on the weather in the camping area, you will have to purchase head covers, gloves, toe socks, rain coats, all weather jackets, cotton shirts, boots, hiking/trekking shoes and backpacks.

Essential camping gadgets also include survival kits. Common things included in a survival kit are GPS or compass, a heavy-duty fire starter like flints, lighter or matches, headlamps, flashlights, standard rope, Swiss-army knives, folding shovel and a saw. You also need to carry lamps, lanterns and LPG tanks with you. Toilet bowl deodorizers and bug zappers should also be carried along. Most camping sites have strict guidelines when it comes to lighting camp fires. Thus, you should only purchase a campfire grill that adheres to the specifications mentioned by the authorities and which are comfortable and safe to use.

Important beverages to include

Clean drinking water may be scarce depending which place to decide to camp at. Hence, you should not forget to carry a water filter or a water purifier. If you are a coffee-addict and cannot do without your morning coffee, then make sure you carry your coffee-maker with you.  Especially if you are planning to camp in chilly weather, you might crave for a hot cup of coffee.

When talking about essential camping gadgets, you certainly cannot afford to forget carrying cooking gadgets like a camping grill, portable oven, meal kits, pans, kettle and even cookers. To keep the surroundings clean and to clean the mess after meals, you will also require portable wash stations or wash basins. If you are planning to carry raw vegetables or fruits, then you should also carry food containers to keep food away from contaminations due to moisture or insects.

Type of food you should carry

If you are carrying perishable food stuffs, then you will also require camping coolers or a freezer. If the chosen area of your camping trip is freezing cold, then you will require a portable heater. Similarly, for hot and humid regions, you will require portable air-conditioning systems.

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