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Top 10 Car Camping Essentials for Everyone

Car camping serves as the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors provided that the top car camping essentials are made part of the trip. The vehicle remains as home for quite a few days and necessary items included will make the trip more enjoyable and exciting.

1. Tent

Tent which is big enough to accommodate everyone should be packed along with one or two small tents. Another thing which needs to be kept in mind is that the tents should have rain Fly along with some type of ventilation.

2. Sleeping pads

A sleeping pad ensures that campers have a good night of sleep which keeps them refreshed and energetic the whole day. While purchasing it is better to opt for foam pad for regular bed which covers the whole tent.

3. Sleeping bags

When it comes to car camping essentials, sleeping bags form a vital part as they protect the campers against cold temperatures. While campingat high plains or mountains, nights can get extremely cold and it is always good to include sleeping bags to fight with harsh weather conditions.

4. Camping lights

Camping lights are vital for every camping trip as they help campers to navigate during night time. Headband lights are the preferred choice of most campers.

5. Coolers

Campers should always make sure that they have adequate storage of food for the whole trip. The cooler needs to be packed with ice so as to assist with refrigeration. Extra water and food should be packed for emergencies.

6. Cooking fuel and stove

A grill, stove or open fire will be required for cooking. In order to prepare the meals and have them, proper utensils should be included. Plenty of cooking fuel needs to be stored inside the vehicle.

7. Sunscreen and hats

Protection from sun is vital as most part of the day is spent outdoors while camping. Therefore, it is always wise to have sufficient protection against sunburns in the form of sunscreens and hats.

8. Insect repellents

Bugs can cause a lot of inconvenience as well as skin infections while on a camping trip. Insect repellents are crucial car camping essentials offering protection against mosquito bites and West Nile Virus.

9. Playing cards and sports equipment

It is good to bring playing cards along with balls and baseball gloves, Frisbees, footballs, soccer balls, etc. to a camping trip so that adults, along with kids, can spend a nice time while on the camping trip.

10. Folding chairs

Folding chairs are great ways to make any camping trip comfortable and enjoyable as everybody can sit around and spend time chatting with each other. It is quite helpful as not every camping place would have the right arrangements of places for sitting around.

It is always advised to include these top 10 car camping essentials for any type of camping trip as they make sure that outdoors can be enjoyed to the fullest without inconvenience or hassles.

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