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Top 10 Most Practical Camping Furniture

Camping is adventurous whether it is with your peers or with the family. Camping is something that should take man closer and nearer to nature. Despite this, there are certain things that should be included under the camping needs that can make the experience comfortable. Here are the top 10 most practical camping furniture items.

1. Storage unit and compact kitchen

This compact kitchen from Vango Brisbane is light in weight and can be adjusted as per the requirements of the campers. Besides, it can be quickly assembled. There is an aluminium frame that has a hard work surface. The wind guard makes it suitable for use. There are adjustable shelves and pockets for greater convenience.

2. Express cupboard

This cupboard from Kampa Zara helps in keeping the clothes organized during the camping trip. The cupboard can be dismantled and made up quickly. There are 6 shelves in the wardrobe and it also has rear ventilation that is protected with mesh. The cupboard is available in attractive colours.

3. Multipurpose mat flooring

This is a great thing for camping. There are four tiles in the kit. The mat is made with a strong EVA material with non slip finish. These tiles can be used to form desirable mats that can be placed both on soft and hard surfaces. These mats are appropriate for outdoor use while they can also be used indoors.

4. Kids’ chairs

The animal chair for kids from Quest Kids is perfect for kids when they are taken out for camping. The chairs are available in a number of bright and vibrant colours. These chairs have a cup holder in the arm. The chair has a steel frame to make it look more elegant.

5. Cooking table

This aluminium cooking table from Coleman counts among the top 10 most practical camping furniture and helps easier and faster cooking while camping. It is strong and rust resistant. The leg braces offer a stronger grip on the ground. The side extender makes it convenient for almost all kinds of stoves.

6. All purpose shelter

Hammock Bliss offers an all purpose shelter which can be put to use irrespective of the weather being harsh or clement. The shelter is water proof. When maximum protection is required, the hammock can be hanged.

7. Pink dotty chair

This chair from Sunn Camp is designed for the toddlers. It offers comfort to the kids. The chairs can thus help in keeping the tantrums at bay when the toddlers are taken to camping.

8. Camp bed

Camping beds definitely find a place in the list of top 10 most practical camping furniture items and this one is an indispensable item from Vango. It offers complete comfort to the kids and adults alike.

9. Essential chair

While kids have their own chairs, the adults can also rest themselves in theirs. The arms of this chair from Kelty are adjustable. There is a seat pocket and mesh pockets at the sides.

10. Camping chairs

The camping chair from Vango is as comfortable as it is stylish. The chair also consists of an insulated cup holder. The tube steel frame is both compact and foldable.

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