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Top 10 Survival Tools for Your Camping Needs

Extreme camping and adventure trips really develop respect for nature in people. However, such ventures may really claim lives if people do not carry the top survival tools along with them. After all, life cannot be put to risk to test one’s own potential.

1. Fire Starter

The first vital discovery made by the early men was fire, which still is the most important entity for survival in the wilderness. Thus, fire starters such as weather-proof matchsticks, lighters, magnifying glass, etc. are undoubtedly essential survival tools.

2. First-Aid Kit

Anti-bacterial ointments, anti-histamines, antacids, pain relievers, aspirin, peroxides, eyewashes, bandages, gauze and tweezers are among the most essential survival tools which cannot be missed in a first-aid kit. Diabetics, allergic and adventurers with special medical conditions should always keep appropriate supplies with them.

3. Flares

Smoke signals are less effective in attracting rescuers at night but the effect of flares is vice versa. There are handheld flares as well as those that shoot towards sky. An expensive but ultimate signalling tool is laser flare, which can be noticed about 50 kilometres away even during day.

4. Machete

Making way through thick bushes, hacking palm, vine and bamboo to create shelter, slashing coconuts for food and water, cutting down firewood, sharpening spear for fishing and hunting, etc. are done in the easiest way only with the help of machetes.

5. Map & Compass

Getting stuck in wilderness without transport and proper communication equipment is any adventurer’s nightmare. A magnetic compass and a map of the region are most crucial survival tools in such situations. GPS-enabled devices are better choices but only until they have charged batteries.

6. Mirror

Even small piece of mirror can be the difference between getting home and getting stuck. These survival tools are used to reflect any beam of light to signal presence of survivor. The source could be the sun, full moon, torch, etc.

7. Multi-tool

Regular multi-tools are comprised of pliers, can and bottle openers, Philips and flat head screwdrivers, saw blade, poker, Allen wrench, metal file, serrated knife and scissors.

8. Snakebite Kit

Pre-packed snakebite kits are not the best survival tools. Custom packing is rather more suitable. It should contain suction extractor and rubber bands that can stop or hinder blood flow. It is highly recommended to include pain-killers, anti-inflammatory pills and emergency whistle, which could be the only lifesaver in case of immobility due to venom.

9. Survival Knife

Survival knives are available in the market with the same name. Expensive ones are better in quality, which is never more significant than survival situations. Survival knives have hollow handle which is used to keep other survival goods that fit into it.

10. Water Treatment Kit

Water filters of the size of a regular water-bottle are available everywhere. In addition to those, pump models can packed as they can filter hundreds of litres of water with one purification cartridge. Water-filter tablets could be wise addition to the kit.

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