Snugpak Response Pak

Top 5 Camping Essentials

Any camping trip should be an enjoyable experience and making sure you have all of the essentials is key to that, some are fairly obvious but there may be items that you may think aren’t needed because they’re often thought of as ‘just in case’ but with this guide from Nightgear it will highlight he important ones you will want.

Jetboil Camping Stove

Having hot food and drink is perfect for not only keeping your energy up but keeping warm too but a number of campsites don’t allow open fires so to avoid being lumbered with carrying stoves and gas bottles a Jetboil Camping Stove is the perfect alternative.  It can boil up to 12 litres of water on one canister and it takes just 2 minutes to boil half a litre and with a handy ignition push-button it couldn’t be easier.

Snugpak Response Pak

This tough, compact, lightweight pack is handy and versatile to store all the essentials you need to carry around with you at the campsite or exploring various hikes and trails.  It will hold things like a compass, first aid kit, documents, cameras and more in organiser compartments that are accessible at a moment’s notice.  The Snugpak Response Pak is made from 600 Denier polyester ripstop which makes it very durable so perfect as an outdoors travel pack plus it has a fully adjustable waist belt too making it versatile for anyone to use.

Snugpak Traveller Sleeping Bag

Providing you’re not planning on winter camping the Snugpak Traveller sleeping bag is perfect for trying to keep the overall weight of your gear to a minimum as it is lightweight and can be stored in its compression stuff sack.  Being made from Hex-Ripstop means it is resilient and has a Paratex antibacterial interior which makes it breathable and keeps it fresh and also has a Travelsoft filling for an overall more comfortable experience.  It also has a built-in mosquito net to help keep away any nasty and annoying bugs.

Life Systems Explorer First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit is undoubtedly essential to any camping trip; hopefully you’ll never have to use one but if you do you’ll be glad you packed one.  Life Systems make first aid kits specifically for travellers and their Life Systems Explorer is suited to the outdoors.  It contains 39 items to help with the majority of injuries that may happen; all of which are organised into sections so you can easily find what you need allowing you to act quicker.  The pack is made with polyurethane coated 150 Denier Ripstop as well helping to keep everything protected inside and it also has a belt-loop attachment too so you can easily carry it around.

Camelbak All Clear Water Bottle

Finding clean drinking water at a campsite should be relatively straightforward but if you prefer camping in the wilderness and don’t want to carry around bottles of water or spend time boiling and purifying any that you find then having a Camelbak All Clear water bottle is the best option.  When you do find clear natural or tap water, simply fill it up, seal it and switch it on so that the UVC light can purify the water of any harmful microbes in just sixty seconds.  It also lasts for around 80 cycles on a single charge so it will last a while before needing a charge and still works down to sub-zero temperatures.  All you have to do is carry around this handy device and fill it as and when needed.

All of these will make for a much more comfortable and enjoyable camping experience for many years to come. For a full range of outdoor camping and survival equipment check out

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