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10 High Tech Outdoor Camping Gear & Gadgets

Camping is fun and can be an experience of a lifetime. However, if you don’t have the right things with you the experience might turn into a nightmare. Knowing about the high tech outdoor camping gear & gadgets clearly makes it clear that camping does not only involve carrying out tents and your food, but requires much more than that.

1. Joby Gorilla Torch

This flashlight comes with flexible legs and knobby that can easily grip things such as tent poles, branches and even human-head. The legs of this flashlight are magnetic and come coated with rubber which offers a lot more opportunities in mounting the torch. The flashlight uses 3 AA batteries and can provide light for up to 80 hours.

2. Brunton Flip-N-Drip Coffee Maker

Camping trip doesn’t mean at all that one has to give up their conveniences they get at home, such as good coffee. To use this gadget, all one need is to first boil the water, attach the filter, before flipping the entire thing over. Coffee will be served in ten minutes and is enough for two people. The device can also be used in making hot boozey drinks, freeze-dried foods and tea.

3. Eton Scorpion

This little thing can do almost anything. It offers power via solar panel, hand crank or DC adapter. The device can alternatively be used as portable radio, a music player and flashlight. Not only is it weather resistant but water resistant as well.

4. JakPak All-in-one Tent Jacket and Sleeping Bag

It might not replace the age-old conventional tent but can be a great option for long hikes and canoe trips. Ripstop nylon polyester has been used in making this gadget. It can be used as swag-style tent or a sleeping bag as well.

5. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

A camper can’t move a single step without this. The market is flooded with great many army knives but this thing is special because the Swiss soldiers are using this knife since 1961. It comes with a serrated blade, wire stripper, can opener, wood saw, bottle opener, toothpick, Phillips screwdriver, reamer and tweezers.

6. Cgear Multimat

It is quite annoying when you have trapped sand or pine needles inside. The mat can trap the bothering items and makes it tough for them to resurface. It can be used as a wind break or sun shade as well.

7. Van Berlo TentLEd

When it is dark, the thing that gets repeated over and over again around a tent is that one gets tripped over in the lines. Coming to the rescue are these lights that can be fastened to the lines so as to alert other campers of their presence.

8. Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink

During camping trips, one always requires a large pot so as to wash themselves along with their dishes. This collapsible waterproof device can hold almost 20 litres of water.

9. BioLite Stove

This interesting product converts heat energy derived from burning wood into electricity via a thermoelectric generator. The electricity generated powers a fan, driving oxygen into the stove. By this, it consumes 50% less wood and creates 95% less smoke.

10. Powdered Beer

This is the product that will be completing your camping trip to the fullest. This is not real beer and is non-alcoholic, ensuring that one won’t be having any problem next day morning.

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