BioLite CampStove

Top Geek Camping Gadgets

One can find plenty of reasons to enjoy the gifts of nature, without hampering the geeky appearance. Geek camping brings in the best of both worlds i.e. the camping gadgets and the enjoyment one gets in camping outdoors in the midst of nature, especially during summer time. There are several gadgets which make this experience totally different from others.

1. Earl

Described by many to be the backcountry survival tablet, this particular device works where tablets and smartphones cannot. Earl runs on Android 4.1 and features an energy-saving e-ink screen, the latest GPS system, radio-communication technology and weather sensor. The GPS chipset provides the user with precise reading of location, elevation and direction.

2. PowerTrekk

This one is a mobile charger that runs on water. This portable 2-in-1 fuel cell and battery pack can serve the dual role of a storage buffer and a regular battery. The cell comes to life by simply inserting the fuel pack and then adding water. Devices can be charged via the USB port.

3. Eton Scorpion

Possibly the new best friend for any camper, this unit is both crank-powered and solar-powered. It packs in a radio, flashlight, USB phone charger and a bottle opener.

4. SteriPEN Water Purifier

This handheld device purifies water using UV rays. It destroys over 99.9% harmful microorganisms, apart from doubling as a flashlight.

5. BioLite CampStove

It may look small, but this one definitely packs in a serious punch. One can cook meals using this stove with nothing but twigs. This means that one does not have to worry about gas during their camping days. Also, the heat generated from the fire gets converted into usable electricity, thereby suggesting that while cooking one can charge their gadgets easily on the stove.

6. Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit

This little device can be charged within 2-3 hours off the wall, 4-6 hours from the car and 5-10 hours from the integrated solar panel. Then one may plug-in laptops, tablets, camera chargers etc. Staying unplugged is not at all in the itinerary of geek camping.

7. Rechargeable LED Headlamp

This headlamp is stacked fully up to four brightness levels with wide-angle and long-range close-in lighting. It lasts for about 18hrs with a single charge and can be recharged through USB. It means that all the gadgets already mentioned above can totally charge this headlamp.

8. Nava Filtering Water Bottle

This water bottle makes ordinary tap water to taste crisp as the drinker sip, thereby making it a lot easier in staying hydrated. The green aspect of the product is one of the major highlights. Not only is it cheap, but also helps in conserving the natural resources (as one bids farewell to plastic bottles).

With these high-tech innovations with you amidst nature you would certainly not miss your gadgets back home. These can act both as your companions as well as saviors at times of need.

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