Visit the Best Scuba Diving Destinations All Across the World

Scuba diving is one of the most exciting as well as the most appreciated water sports across the nation where one can witness the true beauty of nature within the deep blue seas and discover the vivacious and the sumptuous underwater world. You can also get to view a number of the most incredible sea creatures by swimming underneath the deep seas. The best Scuba diving destinations attract a lot of people from all around the world. They comprise of eye-catching serene and calm crystal clear waters, a rich and vibrant aquatic life which consists of coral reefs, seaweeds and colorful fishes.

best Scuba diving destinations

Listed here are some of the best scuba diving destinations in the world

The Caribbean Reef

The Caribbean islands in West Indies are one of the most beautiful and famous scuba diving locations which contains of many islands ranging from the Bahamas to the Aruba’s. The crystal clear turquoise waters provide a comfortable and relaxed journey beneath the deep blue seas consisting of a different life altogether. The water is so clear that underwater life is visible from above 100 feet. One can enjoy the moment along with trained and countless scuba diving guides who will guide you through the whole journey underneath the water.

Hawaii Islands

A very popular place where the majority of the people visit for their past time activities and scuba diving is the Hawaii islands. The Hawaii scuba diving resorts offer a vast and varied collection of gorgeous and stunning tropical fishes which attracts the eye. Along with it are also included the beautiful coral structures which can be noticed all through the chain of the islands which makes scuba diving a pleasure. The best thing that can be observed only in these island are swarms of bright colored fishes, green turtles, small sharks and other varied sea animals. Along with the scuba diving activities, Hawaiian island also have dive boats, and dive shops.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is one of the largest coral reefs in the world which stretch over a vast distance of approximately 2600 kms. It consists of numerous islands and reefs. The temperate and apparent waters of the Barrier Reef make it one of the most well-liked places for visitors and scuba divers, most of which book Gold Coast hotels and use that as their base to explore the reef.Things that can be viewed while scuba diving are around 400 kinds of exquisite corals, dolphins, colorful fishes over 1500 species, whales and endangered species of turtles, the big green sea turtle, 200 species of birds, and coral sponges. It is simply a beauty which is absolutely indescribable.


Indonesia is one of the greatest places for all kinds of marine activities in the world. It is comprised of some of the most exotic and endangered species of the world which are hardly seen in other places. There are approximately 3000 species of colorful fishes, 600 kinds of corals and 17000 islands. The scuba diving destinations of Indonesia comprise of West Papua, Bali, Sunda Straits and Bunaken with other destinations in line.

Some of the other best scuba diving destinations in the world which may be mentioned are Thailand, Fiji islands, Cozumel and Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is definitely something which will satisfy your hunger for life!

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