What Are the Items to Include in Camping Gear For Kids?

Are you going on a family vacation? Then your children could be very much excited about all the adventure involved. You can make their camping trip even more excited by including some of the best camping gear for kids. Including their own camping gear for kids can make them feel like they are much involved in the trip. Usually children love to carry the things that are made for them and are suitable for them.

Children will have more fun with their own camping gear. Here are the things to include in the camping gear for kids:

Camping Gear For Kids


If you think your kid is old enough to sleep alone in his/her own tent, you can consider placing one among the camping gear for kids. If you have more than one kid, you can consider buying one for all the children to sleep in one tent. Though most family tents come with separate areas for kids, having their own tent will give them wonderful feeling. You can make their camping adventure even wonderful by getting fun themed, bright colored tents.

Recreation things

Camping gear for kids can also include things needed for recreation, such as fishing poles and equipment for other outdoor games. Fishing gives an unforgettable experience for kids. Kids will even love the sometimes strenous camping trip if you keep all the fishing equipment in their backpacks all the way to the camp grounds.

Camping chair

Kids camping chair is also a great thing to include in camping gear for kids. Buy a chair that is especially made for kids. Kids’ chairs are smaller and more compact, so they love to carry it and will have more fun.


All kids love to carry lanterns whether it is for bathrooms, to find perfect marshmallow sticks, or simply to wander after the dark. It is better to choose battery operated lanterns instead of gas ones. Because gas lanterns will have risk of fire and are unsafe especially for children to use inside their tent.


Kids love to carry small tools like compasses, whistles, small knife, wildlife books, and large tools like sleeping bags, hiking backpacks, small daypacks and non-fire lanterns.

Other equipment to include in camping gear for kids are binoculars, water bottles, sunglasses, bug jar or kit, flashlights, etc.

  • Binoculars are good for hiking, studying naturee, bird watching, etc.
  • Get kids sized water bottles that can hold 4-6 glasses of water.
  • Sunglasses are useful to spend more time outdoors during the direct sunlight. As kids are more vulnerable to solar radiation, sun glasses will give great protection for them.
  • Flashlights for kids are available in bright and cheerful colors. They are cheaper and you can give one for each kid.

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