5 Essential Things to Include in Your Camping Survival Gear

Camping can be a fun activity that is enjoyed by both kids and adults. However, it is essential to keep in mind that most vacations will be fun with no problems, but sometimes something may go wrong or an emergency will come up. During such instances, it is essential to have good camping survival gear.

Here are the most important things that your camping survival gear should include

First-aid kit: It is the most essential thing that every camping survival gear should include. When you are living in woods or forest, it is very common to get cuts, burns and bruises. So, to take care of such issues, first-aid kit is very much essential.

Camping First-aid kit

Campfire kit: If you are planning for some high-end adventures, then you should have complete camping survival gear apart from the basic first-aid kit. The kit should include things to start the campfire such as fire starters, waterproof matches, steel and flint.

Campfire kit

Sleeping gear: Though everyone will bring the sleeping gear when they are going for camping, it is important to include the right sleeping equipment, such as air bag, pillows, cots, blankets, hammocks and insect repellents.

Sleeping gear

Cutting tools: These are also the essential part of your camping survival gear. For cooking, you will need a multi tool kit. If your camping trip involves wild-crafting, then you will also need to bring other survival options. You can include holster and pruner in your camping survival gear. You will find knifes in different sizes and shapes. Buck knifes are the most common ones that most campers bring. They are useful to protect yourself from dangerous animals as well as from some situations. They also help with your hiking adventure to clear the trail.

Cutting tools

Cooking kit: Apart from the basic cooking equipment, consider taking burlap bags, which are useful in wild crafting. Some other cooking needs that your camping survival gear should include are paper bags, plastic or glass containers, and plastic bags. These items will be helpful to keep the collected plants and herbs until the end of your camping trip. Prefer plastic storage items rather glass pieces as they break easily.

Cooking kit

Take only the things that you need and don’t make the camping gear fully loaded. Remember that you need to carry the entire gear in your whole trip. Check your list thoroughly whether you have included all the essentials or not.


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