Powerful Stove

Essential Winter Camping Gear

When snow falls and temperature drops below normal, even experienced campers prefer to stay indoors to avoid catching cold. However, with proper winter camping gear, it is possible to make any winter camping trip comfortable and fun-filled. Here are some of the products that will help you have a wonderful winter camping trip.

Bombproof Tent

Unlike, lightweight tents that are ideal for backpacking, the winter camping tents should feature stronger poles, sturdier fabrics and extra guy-line to withstand strong winds and adverse weather conditions. Single wall tent is also a good alternative as they are made of breathable and waterproof fabrics, besides they do not require separate fly.

Extra-Warm Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag is an extremely important winter camping gear which keeps a person warm and comfortable while sleeping. Sleeping bags are generally available with temperature ratings but it is always advisable to select sleeping bags with temperature ratings less than what is expected. The sleeping bag shouldn’t be too huge but should have extra layers for stashing things like batteries, water bottles and clothes.


It is more appropriate to dress in layers so that the heat of the body can be trapped between the layers. It is better to search for materials that wick sweat away from the body. Waterproof pants should be worn which offer adequate cold and wind protection. Two pair of socks should be worn made from synthetic material for keeping the feet dry and warm. A lot of heat is lost through the head which is why it is good to consider goggles, scarf and earmuff depending on wind conditions.

Strong and Sturdy Backpack

When it comes to winter camping gear, a camping backpack is a lot different than a summer camping backpack. The camping backpack needs to be much bigger as there are plenty of items and things which need to be packed. If the backpack is too tight then repacking it in the cold and snow can become difficult task which is why a bigger backpack should be chosen for easily accommodating all the items.

Water Bottle Insulator

Keeping the water in liquid form is not at all an easy task especially when temperatures are well below freezing point. There are lots of insulators available in the market which can easily achieve the task. The bottles should be stored upside-down to prevent the caps from freezing shut.

Powerful Stove

The internal thermometer of the body gets confused by a campfire which is why it is best to avoid campfires. Therefore, the only option left for brewing hot drinks, melting snow and preparing food is a camp stove. It is better to search for powerful stoves which can be easily lit up even when the temperature is below zero degrees.

Proper winter camping gear goes a long way towards making sure that the winter camping trip stays comfortable, convenient and hassle free by offering just what is required in extreme and adverse cold weather conditions.

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