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Hot Summer Camping Gear List

The hot summer camping gear list should not miss out on any of the essential items that the camper requires while on the expedition. While camping is fun, it should be remembered that it is good only as long as the camper has all that he requires at hand.

Sleeping bag

One of the most essential requirements that a camper should keep in mind is that he should carry his sleeping bag.  While a camper’s tent is a must item, the sleeping bag can help the camper in an adverse situation. In the camping trip, the camper may have to pass through areas where he cannot put his tent. Having a sleeping bag will keep him both cosy and comfortable, while keeping him safe. The sleeping bags are provided with hood so as to offer an unhindered sleep.

Waterproof jacket

Even when it’s really a hot summer, precautions should be taken against sudden rains, as catching a cold or lying down inside the camp tent with bouts of fever should not be much a of fun. Even when far away from the tent, the waterproof jacket can keep the camper safe against sudden, unexpected rains. These waterproof jackets repel not just water but also resist strong bashes of water when the rains are accompanied with storms. The best thing about these jackets is that they can be compressed to baseball size and does not take up much space.

Appropriate clothes

A hot summer camping gear should definitely contain a good number of suitable clothes that are light, wrinkle-free, and comfortable. Swim wears are indispensable. It is obvious that you will sweat out a lot in camping trip, and so a number of clothes should be taken. Also the material of the clothes should be such that they dry up fast and easily when they are wet.

Fabric fresheners and deodorants

If it is a hot and sultry summer, fabric fresheners are an indispensable part of the camping gear. With the fresheners, the camper can keep the clothes fresh without washing at least through the camping period. Also, deodorants should be taken along to keep feeling fresh.

Table top fan

This should most undoubtedly go into the hot summer camping gear. Taking fans along can help a lot in keeping the humid and sultry feel of summer at bay when inside the tent. These fans are made specifically to be taken on the go and therefore they come with batteries. The batteries should be charged up completely and extra batteries should be taken.

Water bottles

Water bottles should not be forgotten as it is important to keep the body hydrated at all times. Summer-cool bottles can be taken to keep water cool even when walking under the blazing sun.

Camping in a hot weather can be a real pain if one is not equipped with the essential gear. It is advised that before a person plans to go out on a camping trip, he should prepare a comprehensive list of the things to be taken.

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