Buoyancy Aid

Important Canoe Camping Gear List

Canoeing is an ideal way to experience the waterways in an affordable manner, however it is important to choose canoe camping gear list carefully so that future inconveniences are avoided at all costs. It is not necessary to include expensive gears or specialist clothing for the first paddling experience.


Canoeists from every part of the world generally make use of single ended paddles with handle at one end and blade at the other. Paddles can be made from different materials which can range from carbon fiber to plastic and certainly form an integral part of canoe camping equipment list. The paddle with the correct size needs to be chosen and the paddle type generally depends on the paddling that will be done by the person, size of user and the age.


The type of clothing required for paddling basically depends on time of year the canoeing trip will take place. During summer, it is quite possible to paddle in t-shirt, shorts and a cap which protect from sunburns. Synthetic clothing of thin and light layers serve as the best choice as it keeps the person warm and dry. Moreover, it can be removed or added quickly depending on weather. During winters, it is necessary to wear wetsuit, a hat and water-proof jacket to stay warm and to protect the body from natural elements.

Buoyancy Aid

Canoeists are always advised not to get on water without wearing buoyancy aid. Buoyancy aid is another vital constituent of canoe camping gear list which keeps a person afloat if he or she falls in water accidentally. Similar to a vest, it fits perfectly on the body and design of the buoyancy aid does not cause any restriction to the movement of the body while paddling. However, it is necessary to check for CE certification mark so as to make sure that it has undergone several safety checks.


While paddling it is extremely important to wear proper shoes which not only protects the feet but also prevents from getting bruises or cuts while getting out or into the canoe. The shoelaces need to be tucked so as to avoid getting caught on something.


In case a person gets wet, wetsuits serve the important purpose of keeping the body warm. The wetsuits work by trapping the water layer between the body and the suit which tends to get warm as the body heats up. But, they are not windproof.

Waterproof jackets

Thin waterproof jackets are used by most canoeists. Apart from keeping off the wind, they act as water repellents. Expensive waterproofs consist of waterproof seals along with cuffs to keep the body warm.

These are some of the basics of canoe camping gear aimed towards providing the canoeists with proper safety and comfort while undertaking canoe camping trips.

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