Camelback Ultraviolet Microbiological All-Clear Water Filter

Innovative Camping Gear That Makes Camping Convenient

Camping is fun and with great tools and gadgets it could be a great experience. The essential gear for camping is almost known to all and those who do not can find the list within minutes through Google. However, people should always be on the lookout for new and innovative camping gear to ensure more convenient and better camping experience.

BioLite Stove

It captures the heat generated by the fire of burning wood fed to it and transforms it into electricity via thermoelectric generator. The electricity powers a fan to drive oxygen into the stove. Thus, BioLite Stove requires 50% less wood, generates 95% less smoke, creates cleaner and hotter combustion and leaves virtually no carbon footprint.

Camelback Ultraviolet Microbiological All-Clear Water Filter

The name describes the technology that is incorporated to this water carrier. Campers can be sure of uncontaminated water more than they were ever before.

CGear Sand-Free Multimat

Dirt, sand, pine needles, etc. cause much bother inside the tent. CGear Multimat is such an innovative camping gear that can function as a one-way trap for unwanted particles that reach into tent clinging onto feet, a windbreak and a sunshade. Moreover, the multi-purpose mat can be resealed even if a hole is formed due to spark-burn.

Eton SCORPION Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Digital Weather Radio

Campers need to do more with less resources and Eton SCORPION is made with due attention to that fact. It can generate power via DC adapter, hand crank or solar panel, has LED to be used as torch, can digitally tune into radio stations including NOAA weather bands, can play music via audio line in from external players and its carabiner-styled clip ensures hands-free carriage. To top that all, this truly multi-purpose camping gear is water resistant too.


This multi-purpose innovative camping gear can be worn as a jacket, unfolded into a sleeping bag and further unfolded into a bug-proof swag-styled tent. It is made of urethane-coated ripstop nylon polyester.

JOBY Gorilla Torch

The3 knobby trident stand is the speciality of Joby Gorilla torch. Its flexible stand can grip around tent-poles, tree-branches, human head, etc. to extend the hands-free utility of the torch immensely. The brightness of this innovative camping gear has brightness adjustability and can light up to 80 hours with 3 AA batteries.

Kitchen Sink

The need for a large container for washing and bathing purposes is eliminated by Kitchen Sink. It is a waterproof collapsible container with 5 litres to 20 litres volume.

Victorinox Swiss Army Soldier Knife

Woodsaw, toothpick, tweezer, reamer, wire stripper, bottle opener, can opener, screw driver and serrated blade are attached together into one palm-sized instrument that is Victorinox Knife. There is hardly any scope left to add anything further to this fully loaded multi-tool.

Wrist Mosquito Repeller

It is a wrist watch-sized and styled gadget uses ultra-sound technology to repel mosquitoes and similar parasites. It is great innovation as the gadget can be kept worn just like wrist watches throughout day and night to keep buzzing creatures off both outside and inside the tent.

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