5 Essential Things to Include in Your Motorcycle Camping Gear

Are you planning for motorcycle camping trip? Then you should know that there is great difference between a motorcycle camping trip and a road trip. With the road trips, people spend their nights in the motels, while with the motorcycle camping trip, you need to plan your night stays beforehand. You need to understand that some campsites are not motorcycle friendly. Also motorcycle camping gear that you need will greatly depend on the type of trip that you are planning.

Also, carrying too much weight can be dangerous when you are planning for motorcycle camping. Plan to carry only the things that you need and avoid unnecessary luggage. So, to avoid any unnecessary weight, you should include the lightweight equipment in your motorcycle camping gear.

Motorcycle Camping Gear

The necessary equipment that you need to carry along with you include: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cookware, clothes and other emergency equipment.

1. Tent: It is the most important thing to include in your motorcycle camping gear for your comfort and survival. Choose a lighter tent that comes with more space. Make sure that the tent you choose should keep you dry in bad weather conditions also. Also, tent that you choose should provide good ventilation in order to avoid condensation.

2. Sleeping system: It contains a sleeping bag and mattress. Instead of taking synthetic sleeping bags, you can consider Down sleeping bags as they are lightweight and warm. Though they are expensive, you will get the great comfort for what you pay. But there is a great problem with down material. When it gets wet, it is very difficult to dry them during such bad weather conditions.

Though the synthetic sleeping bags are heavier, they can keep you warm and also they can be dried easily. People who don’t want to deal with such kind of maintenance problems can consider synthetic sleeping bags.

When comes to mattress, it is better to choose foam mattress as they are lighter and offer you effective warmth and cushioning. Even you can also consider inflatable camping mattress but they are little heavier.

3. Cookware: If you are planning for longer trips, you need to carry a small camp stove, lightweight cook set and utensils.

4. Clothes: Make sure that you carry enough clothes for your trip. Carry clothes that can keep you comfortable during any sudden bad weather conditions. Try to include clothes that are lightweight.

5. Other motorcycle camping gear: One of the essential things that you need to include is motorcycle tool kit. Don’t make your gear heavy with unwanted stuff. Buy only the things that will comfortably fit on your motorcycle.


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