Rechargeable LED Lantern

New Camping Gear for 2014 for Every Camper

Now there several types of camping gear which really is helpful to you while going for some camping trip. In the year 2014 there are many new items included in the camping gear that are not only capable of protecting and assisting you in the wilderness of the nature but are also as advanced as the technology is today to keep you safe all the time away from home.

Jungle Nest Hammock

If you are planning for a trip in jungle this year, then it will be a good adventure if you try to stay overnight in a hammock. The jungle nest hammock keeps the bugs and other elements in the jungle out. This hammock is designed to serve all the purposes with the hammock system and the bug net. Though it cannot carry much weight you can carry easily most of the useful things onto it. It also has a zipper system which gives you easy access to get in and out of the hammock.

Big EZ Paddle Board

During a camping trip, it is most common that you will stay nearby some sort of water. You also can enjoy the water if you can carry a Big EZ paddle board. Anyone can ride through this and there is a low risk of falling into the water if you use this. So enjoy the waters while you are on a camping trip.

Kettle Pot

Another important device which you should carry while you are going on a camping trip is the kettle pot. It is basically an all-in-one cooking system. You can easily heat your dinner by putting it on top of a camp stove or you may try to use it to brew your early cup of tea or coffee. The main characteristic of this product is that it is so sleek and in that it saves your space. So you can easily carry it and it will not misuse your storage space any more.

Rechargeable LED Lantern

It is also an important item which is a must for anyone going for camping. It contains a USB charger and a flashlight. If the light is fully charged it can give you nearly 6 to 8 hours of light with its high mode or if you use it in the low mode it will offer light for nearly 50 hours. There are 5 different lighting modes and 3 LED lights which give you the tactical night vision. If you are not in a camping trip you can also keep it in your car’s emergency kit.

Storm Headlamp

If you are ready to go for higher height trekking you should have to carry the latest storm headlamp. This is step ahead from the spot headlamp. The storm headlamp will help you to save yourself when you are facing some unexpected weather. The control of the light is too easy and it has a lock mode too. The beautiful design can protect it up to 30 minutes against water immersion down to 1 meter.

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