The Importance of Kids Camping Gear

When the kids get their own camping gear they get involved within the trip which adds to the fun and excitement of camping. However there are quite a few items which need to be included within kids camping gear. Provided below is a list of some of the items that are a must when it comes to camping gear for kids.

1. Camping Lantern

Kids are always fond of carrying lanterns. There are lots of lanterns available in the market which operate on battery instead of gas and are perfectly safe for kids. They help kids with getting around camp when it is dark and even while going to the bathroom.

2. Headlamps or Flashlights

Flashlights are a must have for kids camping gear. They are available in cheerful and bright colours ideal for kids of all ages. Headlamps are also a great option for kids and do not usually cost much.

3. Compass

It is necessary to make sure that kid’s compasses have clear markings along with a rugged look. Teaching kids on how to use these equipments with map not only helps them to get engaged in something, but might also prove to be crucial when they grow up. Kid’s compasses are available at reasonable costs and these are one of the most vital items of kids camping gear.

4. Water Bottles

For kids, unbreakable water bottles work out the best. But thanks to advancement in technology, hydration packs are now available these days that are capable of holding at least five cups of water. These packs prove handy while carrying poles or bicycling.

5. Star Finder

Stargazing is a lot cooler than most of the modern day video games. For recognizing the constellations, it is important to know the stars which remain above horizon during that time. Rotating star finders are available these days for kids which help them recognize constellations at any given time of year. However, it is necessary to ensure that star finder for that specific region is bought as star finders from some other place will not work.

6. Whistles

Another important constituent of kids camping gear is the whistle. When the kids are in wilderness, this simple safety gear can help avert dangerous situations. It is better to hang the whistle on a cord around the neck of the child.

7. Binoculars

This equipment is perfect for camping, bird watching, hiking and nature study. As they are meant for kids, so it is vital to make sure that eye-cups are comfortable and flexible while being available with chord which can be hung around the neck.

8. Backpack

Backpack is essential to include all the above mentioned items within one place. Nylon or fabric backpack with few pockets and simple zipper is more than sufficient. Canvas bags which are generally quite heavy need to be avoided. These backpacks might suit adults but for kids it gets a little too much to carry these heavy bags on their back.

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