Footprint Groundsheets for Camping

Need for Footprint Groundsheets for Camping

Why do you need footprint groundsheets for camping? Numerous people may be wondering about that is question. In the recent years, you must have heard a lot of people talking about the use of footprint groundsheets for tents. In simple words, a footprint groundsheet is a portion of waterproof tarpaulin that is cut as per the size of the base of your tent. Even though all the tents do come with a sewn-in groundsheet, an extra one is required for added protection. Also, now it has begun to look as if all the tents available in the market could be accessorized with one of these groundsheets.

You might ask yourself as to what is the need for extra footprint groundsheets for camping when the tent already comes with a groundsheet. Well, the extra groundsheets are not only used in order to provide that extra waterproofing, there are also other important reasons behind investing in an extra one. Those reasons are specified below.

Carry some dry ground

When you carry a bit of dry ground with yourself to pitch your tent, it makes pitching a piece of cake. The footprint groundsheet allows packing easier as it keeps the base of your tent dry and clean. This means that you will have to put up with less hassle when you get your tent home, as it will not need drying and airing.

You get a perfect pitch every time

You can happily forgo the issue of having to know where the corners of the tent have to be placed. With large modular type tents, it gets tricky to try and work out the placement of the pegs prior to getting the frames up. And if they are misplaced, it is another daunting task to move them to the right place. However, this problem can be easily solved with the help of footprint groundsheet, as it will show you exactly where the pegging of the corners has to be done. So you waste less time.

More warmth

An extra layer of footprint groundsheet helps in adding to the insulation, preventing loss of heat and providing warmer air. Otherwise most of the heat in the tent would escape to the ground.

Helps protect your tents

Tents are an investment, and since you have invested hundreds of bucks in purchasing a new tent, you would surely want to keep it in the best condition. A footprint groundsheet helps prevent the damage arising from tears and rips to the base of the tent from unseen stones and sticks in the area where you’re pitched in. Replacing or repairing the damaged footprint groundsheet is much easier than replacing or repairing the sewn-in groundsheet of the tent.

Provides better waterproofing

Another great benefit of using footprint groundsheets is that they add a crucial layer to the tent, which helps in providing extra waterproofing.

Now you know why it is so essential that you carry footprint groundsheets for camping. They are worth investing as they help you in saving big bucks in the long run.

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