Bottomless Lake State Campground

Some of the Best of Halloween Camping Ideas

This set of Halloween camping ideas brings together a list of Halloween camping spots that come equipped with bone-chilling supernatural legends. The best of Halloween camping ideas can be set into motion any time but just remember to carry a camcorder with you because the trip might turn out to be another ‘Blair Witch Project’.

Harold Parker State Forest

This wooded area surrounds a town that 20 people for practising witchcraft back in the 1600s. Salem Witch Trials witnessed the death of 17 “witches” awaiting trials. A man named Giles Corey hesitated in taking part in this trial and was crushed to death by placing massive stones over him for a period of two days.

Bottomless Lake State Campground

This location is creepy because it is the site of the famous Area 51 and countless UFO sightings. Mornings here can be enjoyed by swimming, hiking and fishing, followed by a stunning sunset. But it is during night time when the place offers a wide open sky, underneath where there is no place to hide.

Devil’s Tombstone Campground

The discussion of great Halloween camping ideas shall remain incomplete if this site is not mentioned. Amongst the oldest of Catskill Forest Preserve sites, this place is surrounded by mountain ranges and is rumoured to be a favourite location of the devil.

Atlantic Blueberry Hill

Nights here can be downright creepy, with the area famous for being terrorized by the Jersey Devil for over 200 years. Myth is that the devil was invoked by “Mother Leeds”, a local woman at the time of giving birth to her thirteenth child. Many described it to be a two- legged flying creature.

Lone Pine Campground

Sitting near Golden Trout Wilderness, this campsite is where Sam Lewis ran sheep with his wife in late 19th century. The place used to be a favourite of Mrs. Lewis and after she died, Sam cremated the body and scattered the ashes here. Since then, strange incidents are being reported regularly by local people, with some even find their belongings scattered or reorganized in the morning.

Hunting Island

Not only the creepy looking moss but the barrier island, with its 5000 acres of sanctuary for egrets, fiddler crabs, deer and maritime forests makes it the perfect Halloween camping area. Also, it is just a short drive away from Savannah, Georgia, otherwise known as the most haunted city of America. The total area is infamous for its accounts of haunting, frightening cemeteries and aggravated spirits.

Sugarloaf Key

This place has to be there when it comes to discussing some amazing Halloween camping ideas. Key West is amongst the most paranormal areas in the US and has a history of buccaneers, pirates and rum runners. Once here, one must pay a visit to the famous Robert the Doll who is rumoured to have been possessed or cursed by voodoo and traumatized the little boy who owned him.

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