Cedar Grove Campground Area

$ 450,000 Being Spent on Renovation of Cedar Grove Campsite Area

Cedar Grove, which is a highly popular camping area, will remain closed till early July as Queensland Park and Wildlife will be working on some facelift project like landscaping, road works, construction and fencing in the area.

The damage inflicted by the flood which took place earlier this year has led to the closing of several day trip and camping areas near Gympie.

Cedar Grove Campground Area

Recently, the camping area of Amamoor Creek was opened, however, due to some still pending work Cedar Grove is expected to remain closed for few more weeks.

Reports from some inside official state that toilet facilities that will be accessible on wheelchair are under construction along with installation of treatment system.

The floods that occurred in the month of January washed away walking tracks, damaged roads and aging structures. Luckily, the renovation work did not start before the arrival of the flood.

Located in Amamoor State Forest, Cedar Grove is home to nearly eighty five campsites. The forest is renowned for its abundance of best hoop pine. Nearly, one hundred and twenty different bird species were spotted in the forest. Cedar Grove rainforest walk features huge fig and red cedar trees.

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