Bulls Island Recreation Area

Bulls Island Recreation Area Remains Closed to Camping

Bulls Island Recreation Area in New Jersey remains closed to the campers for 2013 camping season. The Department of Environmental Protection is still assessing the health of trees in the region.

The recreation area located in the Delaware Township was closed initially in 2011 when a tree fell over killed a camper while injuring his wife.

Bulls Island Recreation Area

Alternatively, the rock pedestrian bridge of Lumberville-Raven which connects Bulls Island to Solebury Township was re-opened earlier this month. However, the park is available only for limited use in days.

Even if the campsites are closed, the public are allowed for hiking and walking when they dock the canoes.

The Department officials suggest the campers and hikers to enquire about what is restricted and what is allowed in the park at the center for visitors.

While the Departments’ officials are considering over the management plan to cut off tress and plant shrubs and other vegetation, the environmentalists are stressing that the area should be untouched because of the area’s bird species that are rare.

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