TRIAD camping

Camping adventures for the disabled organized by TRIAD

This was the third time for a unique camping adventure being organized by Technology Learning Center with the members of TRIAD Service AmeriCorps. Both the organizations are affiliated with Southern Miss Institute for Disability Studies. The camping trip aimed at offering the disabled children and the young adults with both indoor and outdoor adventures.

Twenty members of Triad Service AmeriCorps that include the young and young adults, who are with or without disabilities, are in the program. The members share personal stories, provide mentoring services, participate in the educational skits, and encourage fun recreational events like camping. The one night camp started on June 22 this year where the campers attended an inclusive clinic for softball and tennis at Southern Miss. Following the clinic, the campers participated in other games and also rode kayaks.

The activities for night included games, cookout, and also staying up late. The next day showed adventures at the water park at the Gulf Islands. The activities were organized in collaboration with the TLC staff and the students of undergraduate therapeutic recreation from the South Alabama University. The camping adventure was free for those that came first. The Triad is scheduled to end on 2nd August.

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