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Camping Restrictions Continue on Few Wildlife Management Areas

The North Dakota Game & Fish Department will be continuing the camping restrictions that were imposed last year on some of the wildlife management areas located in western North Dakota along the Lake Sakakawea.

Overnight camping is not allowed on the following wildlife management areas, which is effective immediately: Antelope Creek, Big Oxbow, Garden in McKenzie County, Trenton and Hofflund in the Williams County Lewis & Clark, Neu’s Point, Sullivan and Tobacco, Ochs Point, Overlook, and Van Hook in the Mountrail County.

north dakota game & fish department

Apart from those listed above, the following wildlife management areas are closed to camping activities on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but will be open from Thursday through Monday: Audubon, Deepwater Creek, Custer Mine, Douglas Creek, deTrobriand and Wolf Creek in McLean County; Bull Creek in Billings County; Beaver Creek and Hille in Mercer County; Camels Hump Lake in Golden Valley County; Cedar Lake and Speck Davis Pond in Slope County; Harris M. Baukol in Divide County; Indian Creek in Hettinger County; Killdeer Mountains in Dunn County; McGregor Dam in Williams County; North Lemmon Lake in Adams County; Spring Creek and Alkali Creek in the Bowman County; Short Creek Dam and Smishek Lake in Burke County; and, Storm Creek in Morton County.

All the camping equipment should be removed from those wildlife management areas on Tuesdays and Wednesdays where camping is allowed from Thursday through Monday, reported

The rules imposed by the department ensure that these areas are available for the hunters and anglers. The camping restrictions have been posted at all the entry points of the wildlife management areas.

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