Camping trips in Cockenoe Island to re-open from July 8th

The Director of Conservation Alicia Mozian recently announced that camping will re-open in Cockenoe Island. She also thanked the volunteers who have contributed in the task to help re-open the camping trips. There were many restoration tasks carried out like picking up trash, gathering debris, moving rocks, rebuilding the fire pits, etc. This area is one of the favorite camping sites and the people who volunteered in the restoration task will get first priority to claim the campsite. Though the volunteers are getting first priority ahead of general public it has been mentioned by Mozian that the Island is always open for anyone who loves to enjoy camps.

People who are interested in going for camps can visit the website of Westport Conservation Department. They can download the application form from the site and submit it at the Conservation Department in Town Hall. The rate of camping is around $20 for one night. The year has gone good in the Island as the endangered species that visit the Island have been able to have a nice stay. The campers have been asked to stay away from western side of the island so that the fledging birds and nests are not disturbed.

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