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EPS Physical Training Program Prepares Recruits for Training Camp

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has come up with a physical training program helping in preparation of EPS recruits.

Edmonton Police Service

Above 30 recruits will be joining a training class this August while the next class takes place in November. The coming EPS Physical Preparation Class takes place at the Kinsmen Sports Centre starting on 6th May and goes on till 12th August 2013.

The Police Physical Preparation Program has 12 classes on fitness training with essential components including cardio, endurance, flexibility and strength.

The program helps the recruits in improving their scores on Leger shuttle and A-PREP run fitness tests and also teaches about nutrition and physical activities to fit in daily life. The program also gives an idea on career policing and its culture.

The program charges a fee of $120. For further information and registration interested candidates can visit edmonton.ca and http://www.joineps.ca/prep.

The recruits are reminded that participation in the program does not guarantee passing of A-PREP test.

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