Everything Summer Camp Launches New Camping Gear

US based online camping retailer Everything Summer Camp freshly announced the latest line of camping gear for sale on its website. The new camping gear list includes backpacks, sleeping bags, laundry bags, footlockers, bedding and trunks.summer camp Everything Summer Camp is the source for C&N Footlockers and has included a wide range of new camping gear.

The retailer has also seen its number of customers increasing gradually over several years. Their high quality camping equipment and trunks are well known among the camping lovers and have created a reputation by proving their strength since the launch of the company.

Campers, students and also sports fans have been buying the company’s camp chairs over the years for various open-air activities. Their ‘Crazy Creek’ chairs are comfortable as well as light-weight, and adjust perfectly on all sitting positions and these chairs come with a thick foam pad and a convenient solid design suitable for easy transportation.

Everything Summer Camp has also included a range of flashlights, fans, water bottles and mess kits in its portfolio. Mess kits include a collection of cookware ideal during camping and they have been available since World War I. Their mess kits are offered in three different styles and in multiple colors.

The retailer is further assisting the customers by adding new and high quality camping gear as the camping season is fast approaching.

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