Air Chair Plus Camp Chair

Everything Summer Camp Offers Air Chair Plus Camp Chair

The traditional folding camp chair from Crazy Creek, in air-filled version, is on sale at Everything Summer Camp, the summer camp supply website of C&N Footlocker.

The website is offering Air Chair Plus from Crazy Creek at $123.99.

The chair is little heavier and a little larger by about 5 inches on all sides than its former version, a non-air filled camp chair.

The chair has two chambers which are to be filled with air along with two buckles on either side. These buckles are adjusted to create any desirable seating position. The chair can be adjusted for comfort with the adjustment of the size of the buckles as well as the quantity of air to be filled in the chambers.

A camper can sit on the chair the folding position of which serves to keep the chair from touching the ground completely: only a fraction of it is in contact with the ground. The build of the chair therefore permits a camper to be comfortable placing it on any surface.

Air Chair Plus allows itself to be used as ground pad for mounting the sleeping bag, so as to provide comfort and warmth.

The other version of chair from Crazy Creek is filled with padding instead of the air chambers of Air Chair Plus, and is thus less expensive.

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