High Sierra Evolution

Everything Summer Camp Offers High Sierra Wheeled Duffel Bags for Campers

Everything Summer Camp, C&N Footlocker’s website dedicated to summer camping supplies for kids, is now selling High Sierra backpacks and duffel bags. The new packs are available in a wide range with different colors and styles to choose from making them an ideal choice for the kids’ summer camps.

High Sierra Evolution

There are different types of High Sierra duffel bags that are now being sold online.

The High Sierra Evo Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffel: A duffel bag that is wheeled and approximately measures 28 inches length. Inside is Evo bag is a 5,500 cubic inches of storage space to store all your camping needs. It is made of high-density foam to keep the bag’s shape and rigidity. The bag includes four pockets on its exterior together with the bag’s duffel compartment. It is available in different colors such as red clay, lava clay and pine green.

The new High Sierra Curve and High Sierra Fat Boy packs are ideal for the campers opting to go for smaller bags without compromising on the comfort levels. They are available in different colors including black and blue or the bags can be even selected in their colorful and creative designs.

High Sierra Curve has 1800 cubic inches of space for storage while the Fat boy model has 2382 inches. In the Fat Boy model there are 6 pockets on the exterior side apart from the main compartment for top loading.

Curve model has webbing pockets that are elastic on each of its side for storing water bottles and this is the main difference between the Curve and Fat Boy. The pockets are designed and placed in such a way that they are easily accessible to the wearer.

Both the Curve and Fat Boy models are perfect for short camping trips and are suitable for people who do not want to carry loads of luggage on their summer camping trips.

The High Sierra Evo Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffel Bag, High Sierra Curve, and High Sierra Fat Boy back packs are priced at $127.50, $29.99, and $34.99 respectively.

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