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Everything Summer Offers New Camping Chairs and Headwear

Everything Summer Camp, the C&N Footlocker’s website for summer camping supplies, is now offering Wind X-treme’s multi-functional headgear together with Crazy Creek chairs for camping. Both the products are known to have several functions and they also make the campers look cool.

The new chairs form Crazy Creek are ideal for camping and they are seen everywhere around the campfires these days. The folding padded portable chairs are easy to carry to places. The chairs can be used on different surfaces without compromising on the comfort and that is what makes these chairs an ideal choice for the campers. The chairs are suitable for all locations as they are designed in such a way that only a small piece of them touches the ground providing you the desired comfort.

wind xtreme

The buckles of the chairs allow the users to adjust them to create different seating positions. Additionally, the chairs also function as ground pads once the buckles are removed.

Right now, there are three different types of models available of this chair including Crazy Creek Air Chair Plus that can be air-filled instead of padding. It is priced at $123.99 on the website.

The headgear Wind X-treme is multi-functional clothing that can also be used as a wrist band, a bandana, scarf, balaclava, hair band together with other ways to suit the needs of the campers.

The best thing about the new head wear is that is washable in machine the clothing also comes pre-treated with a bacteria and odor killing product, Sanitize. It is available in 8 color options and is priced at $19.99 on the website.

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