Free Camping at Stanley Recreation Ground

Stanley would very soon have an area allotted for the parking of recreational vehicles. In an announcement yesterday Mr. Greg Winton, the general manager of Circular Head Council, said that the expression of interest process will be initiated for starting the operation and establishment in the area. A review has been carried out of the areas available and the council has many proposed ideas before it. The propositions also include one for the creation of campsite at Stanley Recreation Ground.

A good number of trees have to be chopped down for clearing the area so that the campsite is available by December when the Circular Head show is scheduled to be held. The area which is being dubbed as a “free camping” area by the Council shall charge a small fee to the campers.

Using the site shall not have impact on the “residential property”, and campers shall have access to beach or may walk along the trails, he said.

Luke Martin, the chief executive of the Tasmania Tourism Industry Council welcomed the announcement about the site which should have parking areas for “recreational vehicles”. Mr. Martin found it somewhat reasonable to expect recovery cost for camping in the designated places.

Expressions of interest for the operation and establishment of the area for “free camping” shall be advertised later in the current month.

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