Three Frogs Campground

Free Camping at Three Frogs Campground until May 2013

The Bitterroot National Forest has re-opened its gates welcoming campers on a free camp at its Three Frogs Campground site.

The Lake Como’s Three Frogs Campground was closed for an year as loggers were carrying a thinning project to remove hazard trees and to slow its spread of mountain pine through the site.

The Campground is re-opened for the first time in the last week after a year. Free camping is allowed at the site till 1st of May 2013.

Erica Strayer, Bitterroot National Forest recreation technician said that they are excited about its early opening. It has been closed for a long time to get it all cleaned up as we want the campers to enjoy it more.

For camping, the campers have to carry their water and dispose their own garbage as these services are unavailable till Bitterroot Forest opens the other campgrounds to the public. As of now the Horse Camp is closed and the hiking trail covering the lake is open.

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