Group 5 Camp

Group 5 Camp Renovated in Allegany State Park

Allegany State Park’s Group 5 Camp based in Quaker area was reopened for campers after some renovation work.

Andrew M. Couomo, the Governor funded $ 733,000 through New York Works initiative, aimed towards revitalization of historic sites and parks throughout New York.

Within the entire system, Group 5 Camp is highly popular for camping and it was tough to sell and undesirable before the renovation work took place. But presently, everyone seems to be extremely proud of the work done which has made it perfect for alumni events, family reunions, group campouts and lots more.

The ninety-year-old Group 5 cabins though still popular were desperately in need in of repair work including the toilets. However, the recent funds have enabled the replacement of the cabins with eighteen new 4-bed cabins as well as construction of modern bathrooms including a small laundry and bathroom.

Some additional renovation works were also carried out like improvement of central mess hall and access betterment for disabled people. There is no doubt that all these improvements have certainly helped towards the evolution of the park.

Reports have estimated that nearly 1.5 million visitors come to Allegany State Park annually and considered as the city’s major tourism destination.

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