grub hub camp kitchen

Grub Hub Camp Kitchen to Take Advantage of ‘Camp Hub’ Status

GrubHubUSA, manufacturer of the patented and much acclaimed Grub Hub camp kitchen, is planning to take advantage of its Camp Hub status that is slowly evolving in the camping market. The company is all set to capitalize on the tag as disclosed by Joe Baughman, the company’s founder.

grub hub camp kitchen

According to the company, Grub Hub camp kitchen is rugged, ultra portable and helps in making your camping easy. The Patent documentation of the product reveals that it was actually released in the market as a camp kitchen apparatus providing a kitchen sink, a lantern stand, organizers and also tables that can fold down which allows for easy transportation for the campers.

The product is now being referred as hub as more and more people are adopting the product. The company will also start to show the products name as camp hub in its website and marketing materials. The nickname is coined by its users instead of the term ‘camp kitchen’.

Baughman also adds that the usage of the term camp hub that is coined by users is no big surprise to them as it is ideal for all the kitchen needs at the camping sites. The product has earned its reputation among the camp lovers as most of the campsite kitchen activities such as cleaning and food preparation are revolved around the product in many ways.

GrubHubUSA, located in St. George, Utah provides the Grub Hub, the company’s flagship product, through many online retailers and stores.

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