Hiking trails re-opened at Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park reopened the hiking trails at Jordan Cliffs and Valley Cove, which earlier this spring got closed so as to protect the Peregrine falcons. During the period between April and May, the falcons at Jordan Cliffs and Valley Comb areas had been observed to be engaging and defending in courtship behavior but failed in the attempt to nest according to the Superintendent Sheridan Steele. Under the Maine Endangered Species Act, these falcons are listed to be endangered species. The Jordan Cliffs and the Flying Mountain Trails’ north section were included in both the area’s closures.

The cause of failure to nest is not yet known but the observations that took place earlier this spring on the adults clearly suggests lack of any such nesting possibilities in the said areas. Champlain Mountain’s Precipice area is to be remained closed so as to protect the adult nesting activities. This area will remain as it is until and unless the fledglings are considered to be independent and getting the adults’ support.

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