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Jansport Duffel bags Now Available at Everything Summer Camp

Jansport manufactured duffel bags are now being sold by Everything Summer Camp, the summer camp supply website of C&N Footlocker.

The shoppers at the website can now purchase two different versions of Jansport Duffelpack. The two sizes for the Duffelpack are 20″ and 24″.

602 Denier Polyester is used for making the duffel bags. The quality and toughness of the fabric makes it last a lifetime. Jansport offers a warranty period of a life time, in case the bags don’t last. Along with the Duffelpacks, free accessory bags are also offered to the customers.

The most convenient among the features that go into the making of the bags include the handle straps that help the bag to be carried like the regular duffel bags. They can also be used for converting the bags into backpacks so as to enable the camper to carry it on the shoulders.

The Duffelpacks are spacious with seven exterior pockets in each of the sizes. While the 24″ Duffelpack can be bought for $39.99 the 20″ one can be bought for $34.99.

The website offers an entire camping gear, alongside other products like footlockers, rain gear, flashlights, meal kits, and other items required in camping.

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