Kartchner Caverns State Park

Kartchner Caverns State Park to Celebrate Bat Day on 13th April 2013

The Kartchner Caverns State Park is going to host Bat Day on Saturday, the 13th April 2013 at Highway 90, nine miles South of I-10 near Benson. The event includes all activities related to bats such as presentations and cave tours.

According to a news release from State Parks the event comes up with  presentations by bat experts along with children activities all the day. The events include The Columnar Cactus-Nectar bat connection by Ted Fleming at 11:00 am, Bats of Arizona by Sarah Kirk at noon, Bat specimens from the University of Arizona Mammal Collection at 1:30 pm by Yar Petryszyn and Bats of Kartchner Caverns at 2:30 pm by Ronnie Sidner. Cave tours need to be reserved in advance.

One of the Big Room in the cave’s serves as a nursery for more than 1000 female myotis bats during the summer. In the month of April, the pregnant bats return to Kartchner Caverns and give birth to a pup in the end of june. It takes one hour and forty five minutes with a distance of more than half mile and it is available for visit from mid-october to mid-April.

The event comes up with two tours inside the cave at Kartchner Caverns along with guides. The Throne/Rotunda Room Tour takes one and half hour with a distance of half mile to complete.

A video presentation for about 15 minutes, twice an hour is played which highlights the discovery aspects of the cave. The center exhibits cave life, cave formations, history and hydrology. The gift shop has cave related gifts, souvenirs and practical items needed for travelers. The Cafe at the center is open from 10:30am to 4:00 pm throughout the week for dining at the park. The Center also has hiking trails and a modern, large campground adjacent to Whetstone Mountains.

For reservations and more information on camping or cave tours log on to AZStateParks.com.

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