Mount Charleston

Limited camping sites at Mount Charleston due to construction works

Hundreds of Nevadans plan to visit the campgrounds at Mount Charleston in summer this year, and the problem that arises is of accommodation. The chances of finding place for such a number of visitors as are expected to arrive at the spot are slim.

There are two campgrounds open this year and the coming year would have three more. Thirteen sites are present at the campgrounds of Fletcher View and thirty five at the campgrounds at Hilltop. Shawnee Hinman of the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area advises to “come early” to the mountain. The “dispersed areas” serve good if one cannot find a “site”, but it would be intelligent to bring along “own supplies”.

Hinman also hinted toward the reason the rest of the campgrounds are not open; it is since they’re “under reconstruction”.

As of now, the hit is not convenient. However, interactive maps, new restrooms, and other such amenities are undergoing construction at the campsite.

Mike LaPointe, who is enjoying the weekends, adds that frustration is but natural when people are not sure if they would have a site on reaching the campgrounds. Those that come first would be first served and the rest, who cannot break away from their schedule, would find it “real tough”.

The next campground would come up in January and the other in spring.

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