Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Sets Off the Camping Season

The camping season sets off this weekend at Idaho. The Salmons Falls Creek Reservoir deserves a visit with the flag this Memorial Day!

If you have forgotten something and you remember that just before reaching the Reservoir, Rogerson Service is there for you. It offers you the last chance to pick up all the items, like life jackets, eatables, fishing licenses or bait, you have forgotten and to gas up the watercraft.

A friend to the Noh Family, Christina Ashment, told that the Memorial Day would see a “warm weekend” that should welcome the summer! One among the three owners of the Rogerson Service, Rob Noh, stated that 1/3rd of their business is made at the Memorial weekend.

A complete wall is dominated by Walleye Hall of Fame and boasts of the state fishing records. The camping host Paul Kroh says that only one among the three water bodies in Idaho that include Salmon Falls, Walleye can be found.

The camp host also mentioned that the mountain campgrounds are not “open yet” as the campers arrive “early in spring”. The activities for recreation continues at the Lud Drexier Park, situated nearby, throughout the year. The favorites are fishing, hiking, and boating.

There is a network of trails for the ATVs on Brown’s Bench as well Jarbridge, Nev. Area.

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