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New Summer Camp Decorating Materials Now Available with Everything Summer Camp

Everything Summer Camp, the C&N Footlocker’s website that supplies camping materials, has started with new range of products like unique trunk materials and Fathead stickers.

Campers can use these materials for decorating the trucks that they carry for camps. The stickers of Fathead team logo have been available for popular NBA teams. The best part of these stickers is that they are reusable and one can easily remove them from one place and stick them in some other place. These are self-adhering stickers and a person can use them to decorate a hard, smooth and flat surface.

There is another trend used by the kids to decorate their trunks with the help of custom Lidskinz. The website of Everything Summer Camp has a custom designed interface and helps the campers in designing their own personal Lidskinz that meets their taste. It helps the campers in designing according to their personalized patterns, icons, lettering, and colors.

The campers can also get dry erase boards and chalk-boards that are stuck in footlockers. Some other interesting trunk decorating products include adhesive stars, custom name plates, fun shaped mirrors, etc. All these items are made in USA and Everything Summer Camp has entered into partnership with huge number of summer camps that help the site in selling their decorating items to different campers.

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