Camp Ashmere

Openings remaining in Camp Ashmere

There are openings remaining for both day and overnight camping in Camp Ashmere. First Baptist Church of North Adams owns and operates Camp Ashmere. It would be the 98th year of its Christian camping in Berkshire. The campsite is located in Hindsale at the 822 Peru Road.

Justin Phelps Lawrence is the director for the present year and he is serving as a member of the staff for the ninth year. Lawrence along with his staff presently initiates a program that takes “Kingdom Community” as its theme. The campsite abides by all the regulations of camping as set by the Massachusetts Board of Health.

The camping program extends the service of bus transportation on a regular basis to those along the route between North Adams and Pittsfield, moving on to Hinsdale. For campers in the elementary age, day camp weeks start from 8th July and end on 2nd August. They would pay $185 for registration. The older campers can go for overnight camping that would last from 30th June to 3rd August, the cost being $395 a week.

The camp program also offers limited aid for such families that need assistance. Northern Berkshire United Way has entered into a partnership with the camp with a view to allowing the maximum number of children to have camping experience.

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