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Pedata RV Centre Holds the 53rd Escapade This Year

Pedata RV Centre is encouraging the RV owners for attending the 53rd annual Escapade. As people would attend the event, it would most likely increase the RV sales throughout the nation. The members of Escapees RV Club would gather at the rally to celebrate the birth anniversary of the organization.

Escapade is an educative and entertaining event. Educational workshops are arranged to impart knowledge about RV lifestyle.

Pedata RV Centre’s Gerard Pedata maintains that the event is aimed at providing a platform to the “customers” to meet fellow RVers.

The Escapade for the current year would take place in Gillette, Wyoming, at Cam-Plex Multi Event Centre. The event will start on and from June 30, and end on July 5, 2013.

A day for appreciating and thanking the surrounding communities will be hosted by the Escapees on July 3. The residents of the place are encouraged to attend the event starting at 8 am and lasting till 4 am for learning about this club and knowing the RV lifestyle. There will be number of seminars that the guests can attend while browsing through the huge collection of their products.

The Escapee Club believes in charity and in giving to the community. For an individual wishing to attend the Escapade this year, having no RV, the Pedata RV Centre can help, that has for sale used motorhomes, travel trailers, campers and fifth wheels.

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